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ResCom Properties is owned by Linda Baharyan Blair, who has been a Real Estate Professional since 2002.

Working with Century 21 M&M and Associates for 6 years, Linda learned the ins and outs of both residential and commercial real estate.  “When I first started real estate, professionals told me I was crazy to get into all of the most difficult areas of real estate.  One of the first projects I got myself into was a contaminated gas station.”  You may know that this is nearly an impossible situation, but I must say that I learned the most by researching these types of properties.”

Linda also has knowledge in and sells Business Opportunities.  “What interests me most about commercial and business opp. is working with the investor who only seeks the bottom line.  When I deal with investors and business owners, they only care about the money they are going to make.  They want to know, ‘Will my cash work for me?  How much return will I make for my money?  How long will I need to invest?  How long will it take me to reach my goals?’ I like this because, I am a goal driven, get me to my destination type of person as well.  Business people are smart!  They like to cut to the chase.”

Linda became the top sales lady in her office in the year 2004 & 2005 and received multiple Master’s Awards.  “It was a fun company to be a part of.  I enjoyed all of my associates, had a beautiful office, got the training I needed.  Other agents respected me and came to me for commercial referrals.  I was building my career quickly.  I was certainly riding a fun roller coaster.”

In 2006-2008, Linda went through some life changing personal matters.  The real estate market was also coming to a near crash and most of the economy and homeowners suffered a long period of a housing market crisis.  “With these factors, I needed to move out of Stockton, where I was most dominantly working, and decided to move to the Bay Area.”  First in San Jose, then in the Walnut Creek area, Linda joined a very prestigious company, Alain Pinel Realtors.  “This is where I learned most of my marketing skills.  I added to the knowledge I gained and knew that if I ever created a company of my own, it would be similar to that of APR.”

Seeing the bottom of the housing market, Linda decided that this was the time to start her own brokerage.  “I’ve always wanted to have my own firm, and being that this was the lowest it could possibly get and I really didn’t have much to lose anymore, I decided to do it!”  Linda opened her new company on November 4th 2009 and started working it professionally on January 1st 2010.  “I started working at my place of residence, until I could make enough money to open my own office.”

I am happy to say that the difficulties that I have faced have truly made me a more humble person.  It is really a good thing because I don’t think I would have learned the value in my hard work and in my clients if it hadn’t been this way.  Through my struggles, I have become a stronger person in many ways and feel that I am more capable to help my clients succeed than ever before.

I am so excited to help you with your real estate and life goals.  Thank you for your interest in my company and for trusting me with your time and money.  I hope that I will fulfill all of your expectation and that we can build a long-term, trusting relationship.

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